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Help your production line cover more ground
Toyota's LPG engine-powered towing tractors excel in any environment. Heavy loads, steep gradients, uneven surfaces: their outstanding power and manoeuvrability are more than a match for the most demanding conditions.
Yet our engineers also turned their attention to the trucks’ least robust element: the driver. The result is a driver compartment whose comfortable ergonomic design helps operators stay focussed for longer - creating a safer, more productive workplace.
Dual pneumatic tyres on the front axle increase stability and reduce steering force, taking much of the strain off the driver. Reduced driver fatigue means a safer, more productive shift – time after time.
These heavy-duty engine-powered towing tractors can tow loads up to 49,000 kg. Designed specifically to move large loads between distant points, the high engine torque allows the truck to navigate ramps and steep gradients with ease.
With top speeds up to 30 km/h, Toyota engine-powered towing tractors are more than equipped for ergonomic horizontal travel over long distances.
Toyota towing tractors provide excellent all-round visibility for the operator. Plus, since they can transport more than one load carrier at a time, they can reduce the overall amount of traffic in the workplace.


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