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The BT Vector VCE125ASF is a man-up combi truck for very fast, easy pallet handling in very narrow aisles. Designed for excellent visibility through the mast, the VCE125ASF has an uncluttered cab front that provides excellent access to the goods being handled. 
The VCE125ASF’s unique articulated steering system makes it extremely manoeuvrable outside of aisles and during aisle transfer. The truck has a shuttle fork load-handling unit with forks that extend quickly to the left or right of the machine. Handling times are minimised as there is no need to rotate the load when changing stacking sides. 
The load capacity is 1250 kg at 12.0 m, with residual capacity of 1000 kg at 13.3 m. Drive speeds of up to 12 km/h are possible in rail-guided aisles, further reducing handling times.


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